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The S.E.A. examination is just days away and we know how anxious you are feeling as the date approaches. Here are some very relevant tips from Jocelyn Peterson, Self-Image Consultant and Director of the Self-Esteem Development Centre.


Before the exam

  • Encourage children to believe in themselves.

  • Explain to the child that success at exams opens doors of opportunities but do not reflect a true and balanced description of their strengths and weakness.

  • Avoid comparing their child with other children as this lowers their self-esteem.

  • Be stern with your child, but do not exert too much pressure if you feel that the child is not adequately prepared for the exams.


After the exam


  • Prepare your child for insensitive questions or uncaring remarks that may come from adults when the SEA results are out. Let your child know that he is under no obligation to give information he is not comfortable with it.

  • Parents must continue to give support and believe in their child even when they are disappointed with the results.

  • Negative statements at this time can cause emotional damage and scar young minds.

  • Negative statements coming from either teachers or parents could destroy any glimmer of hope that the child may have for success in future examinations.

  • Parents must be realistic about their expectations, which must be based on the child’s past and present performance.

  • It is extremely important to continue building your child’s self-esteem after the exam.


Source: Trinidad Guardian, Tuesday 15th March, 2005

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